Newport, RI: The top five must-see’s

The Claiborne Pell Bridge, f.k.a Newport Bridge, is the longest suspension bridge in New England.

Newport, RI is the among the most visited cities in the northeastern United States. It is among the most historic towns in the United States. Newport has a whole smorgasbord of sights and activities to keep any tourist busy. What should be visited first? What should be visited second? Here’s the inside scoop to a smooth sailing visit to Newport.


The Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant is among the most popular restaurants on Thames Street. It is well visited by Salve Regina students, Salve Regina alumni, and tourists.

5) Thames Street: Thames Street in Newport is not to be missed. Thames Street cuts through the heart of historic Newport. If anyone is looking for restaurants and novelty shops, Thames Street is the place. Among the popular restaurants are the Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant and The Red Parrot. Brick Alley Pub is located near the corner of Thames and Washington Square. The menu is tremendous. The Red Parrot is located on the corner of Memorial Boulevard and Thames Street. If anyone is looking for seafood, The Red Parrot is the place to find it. If anyone is looking for some gourmet fudge, the Newport Fudgery is directly next door.

Fort Adams was built in 1790, named after John Quincy Adams. It is located at the mouth of Newport Harbor.

4) Fort Adams: Fort Adams is the oldest fort in the northeastern United States. Located at the mouth of Newport Harbor, it was built in 1790 to protect Newport against invasions. Fort Adams is protected by more than two hundred guns. Fort Adams was named after former president John Quincy Adams, who was instrumental in starting the War of 1812. Fort Adams was active in all major wars; War of 1812, Spanish-American War, Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Every summer, Fort Adams is the hosting venue of the Newport Jazz Festival.

The Newport Casino is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

3) International Tennis Hall of Fame: The International Tennis Hall of Fame was established in 1954. In the early twentieth century, the Newport Casino complex was constructed to provide a social club atmosphere for the wealthy and powerful. Unfortunately, the complex struggled from the very beginning. By the 1950s, it was nearly doomed to be demolished. In 1954, the International Tennis Hall of Fame saved the Newport Casino. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is where the game of tennis is celebrated through the great players who made the game as great as it is today. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is home to tennis greats including Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. It also pays a tribute to the game of tennis and the history behind the game. The class of 2017 inductees are Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters, Monique Kalkman-van-den Bosch, Steve Flink, and Vic Braden.

Salve Regina University was founded in 1947 by the Sisters of Mercy. Its main building is Ochre Court, built by Richard Morris Hunt circa 1895.

2) Salve Regina University: Salve Regina University was founded in 1947 by the Sisters of Mercy. It all started with one of the most gorgeous mansions in Newport; Ochre Court. Ochre Court was built circa 1895 by real estate investment tycoon Ogden Goelet. In 1947, family heir Robert Goelet donated Ochre Court to the Sisters of Mercy. Salve Regina College was founded. The first commencement was held in May 1951 with sixty-one graduates. All were women. Salve Regina College became a co-ed university in 1980. This Spring 2017, Salve Regina University was named the most beautiful university in Rhode Island and among top fifty in the nation by Travel + Leisure magazine.

The Breakers was built between 1893-95, and the summer cottage of railroad tycoon Cornelius Vanderbuilt.

1) The Breakers: The Breakers is the one mansion which tourists cannot miss. The Breakers is located directly next door to Salve Regina University. Built between 1893-95 by Cornelius Vanderbuilt, it is the largest mansion in Newport. The Breakers is a Renaissance-style Palazzo, inspired by the 16th century palaces in Genoa (Genova), and Turin (Torino), Italy. The Breakers was built with seventy rooms, including thirty rooms on the top floor for servants. The Breakers was designed and built by Richard Morris Hunt. Richard Morris Hunt also designed and built Ochre Court, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal. In 1972, the Breakers was purchased by the Newport Historical Society, and presently a National Historic Landmark.

The Opera House Theater was built in 1867. This December, it will be re-opened to the public, fully restored, for its 150th anniversary.

New England is a fun and inspiring area of the United States to visit. There’s Boston, Old Sturbridge Village, Bar Harbor, ME, and Mystic, CT. Of all the great historic cities in the northeastern United States, Newport stands alone as being the most awe-inspiring, educational, and entertaining. It is a breathtaking jewel that captures the human imagination. From bustling Thames Street, to the excitement of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, to the educational aspect of Salve Regina University, to iconic mansions, Newport is a model city for tourists from around the world. There is simply no city in the world like it. Newport is simply, a traveler’s jewel by the sea.


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