Travel parties: One-time free trial

With a free two-hour trial, travelers can get a first-hand experience at celebrating a favorite destination.

In the previous article, a new service was introduced. In addition to the writing of articles and doing travel lectures, travel parties are now available. Each of David Kriso’s sixteen lectures will be paired up with a party, themed to the topic of choice. Imagine anyone having a birthday party or graduation party themed to a favorite destination! What fun! What topics are the topics? 

The topics are the following: cruising, Amtrak travel, Walt Disney World, Newport, RI, Boston, the New Jersey Shore, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Jamaica, Barbados, Hawaii, Bermuda, and The Bahamas. St. Kitts will soon be completed by mid-November. Whatever the topic, clients and guests will be assured a fun time from start to end. For example, the Hawaii lecture will include a short session on Hawaiian verbal expressions. For the Disney World presentation, the Disney parks trivia challenge is sure to please everyone. 

As a start-up promotion, clients and venues will be given a free two-hour trial. The two-hour minimum charge of $500.00 will be waived. Each additional hour will cost just $50.00 instead of $100.00. Decorations and theming are still additional. Clients and venues must consult with David Kriso before he can proceed with the purchasing of decorations and materials. As stressed in the previous article, food and beverages are the responsibility of the client or venue. 

Parties are not just events. They are a way of life, inspired by those who embrace it.

Traveling is the most rewarding way to invest one’s free time and energy. There is simply no better way to celebrate a favorite a favorite form of travel or destination than a two-hour party, complemented by the lecture itself. With a two-hour free trial, and half off on each additional hour, it is the beginning of a new traveling tradition. Traveling is not just a tradition, it is a way of life. Traveling and destinations are not just things to be experienced. They are worth celebrating and remembering. A two-hour trial is without a doubt something to celebrate. It is an opportunity to be embraced. Ultimately, a two-hour trial is well-deserved. A two-hour trial is a way of starting great memories, and making the best of a dream vacation. 

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